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5 essentials of great customer service

There is no greater value to any business than their customer service, here are 5 essential elements all businesses should have…

1. Caring
Great customer service comes down to caring. Not only should you care about the quality of your products, but you should care even more-so about customer satisfaction.

You should take the time to ensure your customer is delivered a product that works, and that your customer understands how to use and operate your product.

Companies who pride themselves on great customer service take great value in creating referrals.

2. Passion
Passion is the foundation of great customer service. Customer service is the “it” factor. It is passion which separates those individuals and businesses who excel from those who offer the customer the bare minimum to get by.

When you respond to a customer complaint dismissively or ignore them all together, and money is the only important commodity. This is immediately clear to the customer.

3. Communication
Solid communication is crucial when it comes to customer service. Communication requires effort, flexibility and a tremendous amount of patience and self-control.

The customer, in most cases, should be treated as correct. You have to train your team in how to calm down and problem solve for rightfully frustrated and disgruntled customer.
Because the customer is feeling duped, they will often become demanding and impatient.  Dissatisfied customers are expecting solutions, which is where good communication comes in.

Customers must be left feeling that whatever is being done to resolve the problem is being put into action now.

4. Willingness
The customer who is expressing a lack of satisfaction doesn’t become a more pleasant person when met with automated systems, and unreasonable hold times.
Customers must be met with another human being who is willing and there to help. People are busy.

Customers are also in careers and do not have time to waste on the phone. Human to human conversation is essential for great customer care.

5. Repeat customers
Customer service should not be solely focused on taking care of customers.
Effective customer service must also be largely geared toward a good reputation and the desire for repeat customers.

The goal is to transform an unhappy customer into a customer who feels thrilled about how well they were taken care of when they reached for out for assistance.

When this type of trust is present, customers will not only return again to purchase more but are more than willing to refer your business to their friends.