"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier."
Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity is one of our values simply because of how important it is in business. For example, it’s absolutely essential that we are honest with our clients and everyone we work with at all time, hiding things or lying to our clients to make things look better than they are is simply not an option for us. However, it is not just our clients we need to show honesty and integrity with, it’s also one another in ESP to build a stronger team and the best possible work environment.

Teamwork was a very easy choice to be one of our values. For ESP to work at its full potential it needs a great team behind it to make that happen and everyone has to be working to the same goal. The teamwork in ESP is a key component in making the ESP culture what it is, if we aren’t working together then we aren’t achieving as much as we can be. However, it isn’t just working with each other but also our clients, we want our clients to have the best experience possible working with us and to do that we have to work together.

Teamwork - company value
Lifelong learning - company values

Lifelong learning is a value implemented in ESP so all of the team are consistently developing. We believe there is also always something new to learn especially with things constantly changing we want to stay one step ahead of our competitors and to do that we need to know what changes are around the corner. Lifelong learning is about making sure that all of our team have the opportunity to reach their own full potential in their roles and to be the best they can.

Excellence and commitment are something that we all strive for at ESP. We make it our responsibility to make sure that all work done at ESP is done to the absolute best standard we can accomplish. This is done by making sure that all work is reviewed and nothing is submitted without everyone working on it being 100% happy. Everyone at ESP is committed to being the best business partner possible for our clients and ourselves.

Excellence and commitment - company values
Ownership - company values

At ESP we have a culture of accountability. To us, this means taking ownership for all the work that we produce and all the team having the initiative to take action to fix a problem before seeking help. This is something that works very well in the office simply because everyone cares about what the outcome of our work is. We all have a trust in one another to do the best job we are capable of.  According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, “…firms with employee ownership tend on average to exceed the performance of other similar firms.”

People who have balance and fun at work are more productive, less stressed and happier according to studies. So, it’s no surprise we included balance and fun as one of our values, we want everyone to look forward to coming to work so we have gone to lengths to make sure we have a fun work environment where the work still gets done.

Balance and fun - company values