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Your standard accountant can keep you on the straight and narrow legally and with HMRC. But as your business grows you need more support and guidance from your business partner…

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When we first met Baz & Adam from Metric, the business was poised for rapid growth but they were not getting the advice or support to help them take advantage of this. Their accountant was very competent at the basic compliance work, but was unable to provide them with help that would take them to the next level.
Our first objective was to provide the right financial information so that Baz & Adam knew where the business stood. We then sat down together to discuss where they wanted the business to be and the goals they had set themselves and the business.
It became obvious very quickly that Baz & Adam were both extremely busy working long hours and weekends, the focus was to improve margins so that the profit could grow without putting further demands on their time.
By working closely with Baz & Adam, regularly reviewing business performance together, identifying the actions that would make the difference, Metric have grown the team, the turnover and most importantly the profit.