profits not growing

Add more people to the team, spend more money are two ways of growing your business’s turnover, the harder trick is to ensure that your profits increase at the same rate.

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When I first met Baz of Metric Services (Leicester) Limited, I asked him what he wanted from his business. He said he wanted to see two things: a regular amount of cash in the bank account & he wanted to be able to indulge his passion of rally driving. After 18 months of working together he purchased his new dream rally car and the bank account is consistently over the cash target he was looking for.

The business was growing rapidly mainly due to the long hours invested by the owner, however the profit was not necessarily increasing at the same speed. Working together we looked at how to continue to grow the business and the profitability without Baz getting any busier personally. So we focused on margins & pricing.

Metric have well established relationships with great customers. They have the problem solving skills, reputation & credibility that the customer cannot find elsewhere. The value Metric brings to their customers by responding quickly, keeping their operation going and minimising the impact when their plant goes down is rated very highly and delivers significant value. Starting with recognising the value delivered to customers, Baz has been able to successfully review the business pricing structure and grow profit.

Over a two year period, the business has seen turnover more than double and profit more than three times higher.