busy running business

When your business starts to grow, it’s very easy to find that time just slips away from you, you’re so busy ‘doing’ the business and trying to keep up with that ever growing mountain of paperwork that you just don’t have any time left to work on the business.

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We had been working with Good Grub for a couple of years, over that time, the busi-ness had grown and changed a lot. At that time, Michael was doing all the book keeping and processing the all the invoices himself, while we completed his VAT re-turns and produced quarterly management accounts.

Michael recognised that to focus on expanding the business and launch a new busi-ness he’d been planning, he needed to make more time & asked ESP to become an outsourced finance function for both the new business & the existing business.

Very quickly we identified that we need to move onto a cloud accounting platform, we moved both businesses onto Xero. The mobile app that comes with Xero revolu-tionised Michael’s life, as he could be out on the road, having made a delivery, he could sit outside the customer’s premises in his van and send off the invoice there & then, saving him lots of time when he got back to the shop or in the evening – he re-ally loved that.

Also completing the book keeping on a weekly basis we were able to keep it much more in real-time than he’d ever had before, he had visibility on what his customers owed him at any point in time & also what he owed out to suppliers.

He now uses Xero as his real platform for doing everything in his business.