If you don’t keep on top of your finances or have someone you trust in control, it is very easy to get behind, resulting in late tax returns and large fines.

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With a rapidly growing business the directors at Event Engineering were focused on delivering for their customers, expecting their accountant to look after their book keeping and VAT.

When we first met them back in 2009 there were no financial controls within the business and all the book keeping and VAT outsourced to an accountant. Their accountant did not keep on top of things and with no financial controls the directors had no visibility of the problems that were brewing resulting in tax returns being filed late and several thousand pounds of fines being paid. Frankly, they were in a bit if a mess and needed help.

The first thing ESP did was to ensure that they were never late with tax or VAT returns every again.

With the introduction of cloud accounting software the team at Event were able to handle all their own book keeping, and we would check every month, to ensure that everything was at it should be and all the key checks and controls were being done.

When all the basics were in place, we took the reporting to the next level producing monthly management accounts that are discussed with the management to review business performance, costs, income & margins.

The introduction of meaningful financial information that is reviewed regularly has meant that the management team can focus on growing the business, safe in the knowledge that they have a business partner that they can trust and who is focused on making a difference. The most important results… turnover and profit have grown significantly.