cash flow problems

When information does not flow quickly and efficiently between client and accountant, it is difficult to keep up to date with the latest position, this can, in turn, lead to cash flow difficulties.

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Working closely with Tony at Heterarchy Interior Architecture & Design we in-troduced a process that focused his mind on the cash flow for the business, via cloud accounting software we receive all the purchase orders and invoices on a weekly basis.

The team at ESP prepare a weekly cash flow forecast for the business and Wayne has a telephone call with Tony towards the end of every week to discuss what’s in the forecast, assumptions that have been made as to when customers will pay, assumptions about when he is going to pay suppliers and whether that is realistic or whether things need to be shifted around.

This emphasis on cash flow has really helped business because it has focused him on getting work out quicker, getting the cash in quicker and also juggling some payments to suppliers when he needs to.

I think if we hadn’t had the focus on cash flow week on week he would have gone over his overdraft limit and wouldn’t have been able to get enough cash in, in the short term to stay within overdraft limit.