Quite simply, at ESP we’re business growth specialists who happen to be Chartered Accountants – we’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their business dreams and goals.

What’s our approach? Well, we call it ‘the sixth sense for business’ – quite simply, we believe that knowing your numbers inside out is the only way to anticipate the future and help your business grow, flourish and prosper.

If you need accountancy, finance and business support that offers a great deal more than just ticking the right boxes and filling in forms for you, you’ve come to the right place. We use our wide range of business and finance skills to positively impact our clients’ lives – working with you to really make the most of all the potential that’s locked up in your businesses.

Our specialist packages designed to boost your business.

We have three service packages, our approach is completely flexible and tailored to your requirements which means once we understand where you are now, and where you want to be, we can help you choose the services that will have the greatest benefit to your business.

The basics
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This is our basic package, for those who want to keep it legal and keep it simple. Think of it as our ‘no frills’ option where you simply want your compliance issues taken care of.

Annual meeting
Online support
Annual compliance work
Cloud accounting software
Fee protection services
Tax review & planning
Management accounts
Financial dashboard
Strategy & planning
Forecasting & cashflow
Non-financial KPIs

Leap forward
leap forward image

You’re serious about working on your business and see it as more than just a way to pay the bills. You don’t just need an accountant, you want a trusted business partner providing regular financial information, to be a sounding board for ideas and to tell it how it is.

Quarterly meetings
Online & telephone support
Annual compliance work
Cloud accounting software
Fee protection services
Tax review & planning
Quarterly management accounts
Financial dashboard
Strategy & planning
Forecasting & cashflow
Non-financial KPIs

Take off
take off image

You are looking to drive your business forward, committed to growth and ready to invest to build the future for you and your family. You understand the benefits of solid advice on a regular basis as well as customised performance reports to improve the quality of the decisions you make.

Monthly meetings
Unlimited support
Annual compliance work
Cloud accounting software
Fee protection services
Tax review & planning
Monthly management accounts
Whole business dashboard
Strategy & planning
Forecasting & cashflow
Non-financial KPIs

Oh, and we do also offer the full range of more traditional accountancy services too of course, including:
  • Payroll
  • Tax returns
  • Bookkeeping
How you manage your VAT is changing...
Digital filing will be mandatory, now is the time to take your business finances online and make it work for you before the deadline.
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Let me introduce you to your ESP team…..

At ESP it’s not just what we do that we care about but how we do it, our friendly and enthusiastic team are passionate about the success and well being of our clients.

Wayne Searle - Director

Wayne Searle
Wayne is a keen triathlete and can often be found running or cycling around the Vale of Belvoir.

Emma Freegard - Director

Emma Freegard
Emma can on rare occasions be found relaxing with a book and a glass of wine.


Ann Kitchen
Client Manager
Ann is an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying cross country running and mountain biking.

Sarah Birch - Client Account Manager

Sarah Birch
Client Account Manager
When not in the office you’ll find Sarah busy on the family farm.

Chloe McGown - client advisor

Chloe McGown
Client Advisor
Chloe can often be found in, around or under classic cars.

Eve Bradley - client advisor

Eve Bradley
Client Advisor
Eve is another outdoor enthusiast and loves to run in her spare time.

“I have used ESP for the last 5 years.  We have always found them particularly helpful – very industrious as far as ideas are concerned and helping us to move the business forward with bringing good ideas and good people with contacts and would have no hesitation in recommending them”.

David Tofiluk, White Box UK Ltd, Oakham

“ESP Business Solutions conduct their work efficiently and competently. We previously used a mid-sized accounting company with offices throughout the UK.  ESP Business Solutions have performed better than our previous accountant. I am more than happy to recommend Wayne Searle and ESP Business Solutions”.

Graham Ewing, Quemaco Ltd, Nottingham

“Professional, knowledgeable, excellent service and value for money – nothing is too much trouble”
Sue Laccohee, LAC Groundworks Ltd, Grantham

“ESP Business Solutions are a very professional accountancy service who operate with a personal touch. They have consistently provided me with excellent service unlike most other accountants.”
Maan Al-Rawi, Rawa Distribution Ltd, Loughborough

“I think that what works well with ESP is that they are more than just our accountant. They give us so much more support and strategic overview as well as dealing with the necessary requirements in our accounts.  All in all it’s been very, very rewarding and added real value to our business.”
Tony Matters, Director, Heterarchy Ltd, Leicester

“Excellent service personalised to meet my needs.”
John Brookes, Sigma Statistical Solutions (UK) Ltd, Rutland

“ESP has helped a lot, especially helping us understand where the business is, we now know where we are going from day to day and we know that we’ve got an increasingly profitable business.”
Jamie Campbell, Director, Event Engineering Ltd, Loughborough

“What a refreshing change, I would have no doubts about recommending ESP to any small to medium businesses.”
Paul Durrant, Estu Ltd, Grantham

“At any time, I know that I can call Wayne or his team to clarify anything on the finance side. Really, in essence, it’s like having a finance director in the Company.”
David Crooke, UPP-Lettings, Oakham

“Wayne and his team are a great asset to have in my corner, incredibly professional and I highly recommend them.”
Gary Gorman, Paradigm Training Ltd, Grantham